Hair Colour Salon In Ottawa To Create A style Statement

Hair Colour Salon In Ottawa To Create A style Statement

Hair colouring is a way to get a new updated look. An experienced hair stylist can give you a new look as well as a new hair dimension. You will get a colour application that has natural looking hair with a highlighted effect or whichever you desire. A perfect Hair Colour Salon In Ottawa is SiBelle Salon, which uses 100 & natural products, sulphate free and PH balanced. If you have a specific desire to lessen the chemical load of hair colouring then you need to walk into SiBelle Salon for a hair styling and colouring.


Balayage and Ombre Hair colouring

Ombre is typically done with lightener being placed horizontally with full saturation of the section and is then blended upward to diffuse the line. Balayage takes smaller sectioning, where colour will be painted onto the surface of the hair. To understand the difference between both, Balayage is a technique of hand painting or sweeping hair along the hair’s surface. Ombre on the other hand is a dramatic, two-toned hair colour effect that’s typically darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. Since Ombre blends two colours, it works better on long hair to show off the full effect. SiBelle experts will show you the full scale of our hair colouring service and provide you the best suggestion to a look that will make you feel like a model. It is safe and will give you a brand-new look for any occasion.


Traditional hair colour

Hair foils are a traditional method of hair colouring. It creates brighter, lighter sections throughout the hair while maintaining a natural looking finish. The expert colourist will section the hair with a dye and wrap the section in foils and leaves it to develop. This allows the section to amplify and the brightness and lightness is radiant in nature which compliments your face making you look as beautiful as ever. This treatment is done on both make and females, prior to which the procedure is thoroughly explained to the customer. The experts provide you with all the possible procedures and give you the opportunity to select the colouring that will suit you. SiBelle Salon is considered as one of the best hair colouring salon in Ottawa and they have earned rave reviews on the internet

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