Men Hair

Dino Dawi
Master Stylist
(613) 565 2100

Men’s hairstyles and haircuts are a strategically crucial element of men’s image. Those who are drawn to classic cuts and styles but wish to add a modern twist to their looks will appreciate fade haircuts

Haircuts & Styling
  • Haircuts
  • Senior 60+ Cut
  • Kids Cut
  • Hair Wash & Haircut
  • Shaping & Trimming
  • Ultimate Sibelle Packages
Beards, Shavings & Styles
  • Hair Styling and Beard
  • Shaping & Trimming
  • Head Shaving
  • Outline Beards
Colour & Highlights
  • Mini Highlights
  • Partial Highlights
  • Full Hair Colour
  • Cellophane Treatment
  • Ombre
  • Colour Correction
Haircuts & style
Amazing haircuts for men! Our stylist can help you choose the best cut for your hair
Beards, Shavings & Styles
Trims, shaves, outline beards and a lot more. We can give you a new look every time you visit us
Colour & Highlights
From mini highlights to Ombre, we provide a wide range of colour treatments
Jayonta Bhattacharjee
I found the guy there is really smart and did nice haircut for my son. Actually I liked the place and Salon!! Probably, in my next haircut I will go there.
Richard Kingma

Congratulation Dino! 100 reviews. Dino is great. It was my first time there yesterday. Cut was excellent. Great customer service. My 24 year old son even liked my haircut! I will be back.